Jay A. Patel

This is me thinking out loud. Kindly pardon the noise.

On Emotional Fluctuations

Over the weekend, I realized I was far too happy due to the outcome of certain NFL games. In the grand scheme of things, the outcome of NFL games should not affect me. Why was I so happy?

Over the weekend, I found myself getting excited about the prospects of my fantasy football team. And why not? Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers was having a breakout game. As the game progressed, I was catching up to my opponent. And by the time the game was over, Brown had run for nearly two hundred yards and caught two touchdowns. I also had managed to grab a small 5-point lead in my head-to-head match-up. I was a bit giddy with excitement as my fantasy season had started 0-2. This was my chance to get my first win.

However, we still had a player each to go during Monday night’s game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders. I had Knowshon Moreno, the Broncos running back and my opponent had Matt Prater, the Broncos kicker. I was feeling confident about a victory. Moreno had a big game the week before and was establishing himself as the primary running back for the Broncos. A single touchdown from him would seal the victory.

So happy.

What actually happened Monday night was not according to plans. Moreno didn’t get a touchdown. In fact, he was only used lightly, with a majority of touches were going to the other running backs. He was not getting the yards he was supposed to. Further, the Broncos offense was potent enough to get into kicking territory, but were failing to convert the progress into touchdowns. As a result, Matt Prater had a huge game.

I lost. Oh, so sad.

After the euphoria of seeing my fantasy team heading towards it’s first victory of the year (I started out 0-2), I realized how emotionally charged I was due to something that should not really impact me.

I need to learn to better handle the outcome of things that are not under my control.